Crypto payouts | FAQ

What are the core capabilities of Circle’s crypto payouts?

Payouts are available on USDC, EUROC, BTC, and ETH. With exchange capability for converting to and from USDC for payouts. USDC payouts are available on 8 blockchains, providing robust reporting with an address book with human-readable addresses for blockchain payouts.

How can you access Crypto Payouts with Circle?

Crypto Payouts is available via our existing Payouts API integration. We are adding more crypto payout capabilities to the existing payouts endpoint. We are not exposing a new endpoint for crypto payouts. 

Are crypto payouts offered globally?

Global customers can access crypto payouts with no exchange capabilities. Customers looking to leverage crypto payouts with Circle’s exchange capabilities must be in U.S. or Canada.

Is there an on-chain transfer limit for Payouts API?

Yes. $25K per transaction and $250K rolling daily limit.

To view our quickstart guide, please visit our developer documentation HERE.