Connecting Your CBIT Account to Circle Account

Customers Bank Instant Token, CBIT, is an instant settlement banking solution for B2B transactions. You can link this type of account to your Circle Account, which will grant you the ability to instantly mint and redeem USDC.

How to connect your CBIT and Circle Accounts [Video walk-through at the end of the article]

  1. Log into your Circle Account
  2. Navigate to Settings from the sidebar menu 
  3. Select Bank Accounts                                                                            Settings_bank_acct.png
  4. In the upper right corner, select Add Bank                           Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.54.13_PM.png
  5. Select United States                                    Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.57.18_PM.png
  6. Select Customers Bank as your bank type                      Untitled_design.png
  7. Under type, choose CBIT and continue to enter your account information which you can find by logging into your Customers Bank account.                                                                                          Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.32.54_PM.png
  8. Enter your MFA information                    Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.33.26_PM.png

After you’ve entered your MFA information, you’ll need to send a test deposit to complete the sync.


How to send a test deposit 

  1. Navigate to Home
  2. Select Deposit                                 Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.43.52_PM.png
  3. Select Wire Transfer                                                                                       Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.44.11_PM.png
  4. Click the dropdown and select your CBIT account   Screen_Shot_2023-03-29_at_4.44.42_PM.png
  5. Copy the CBIT wallet address and Reference ID
  6. Populate the transaction information in your CBIT portal (Reference ID should be placed in Public Description)
  7. Initiate a small test transaction
  8. This first transaction will establish the link between the two accounts. It may take slightly longer to settle than normal
  9. When the transaction has settled in your Circle Account, your CBIT account is verified

In order to finalize the link between your CBIT and Circle Account, please initiate a test withdrawal from your Circle Account.