Self-service API keys

Self-service API keys are designed to help developers work more independently with Circle’s APIs to expedite their app launches. 

Self-service API keys

By going to the Circle Account Developer Dashboard, users with the Administrator role can create, view, edit, and delete API keys. This eliminates the need to contact a Circle rep via email or Slack to manage them. This means shortened wait times and less security risk. 

How do I know which Product APIs I’m enabled for? 

By default, all products are disabled. To learn more about which products you are enabled for and how you can enable a product, please contact your CSM.

If you use an API key for a Product you are not enabled for, you will receive a 401: Unauthorized error code.

How many API keys can I have?

Users can have up to 10 API keys.

IP Allow List

IP allow list provides the option to restrict each API key by IP address. These are optional for you to use.