Circle Account fee schedule

For all Circle Business and API pricing and fees, please reach out to for more information. 

The following fee structure applies to current existing Circle Account accounts: 

Last Updated: August 4th, 2022



Details & Disclosures

Bank Wire - Tokenization

No fees.

Circle and its banking partners do not charge fees for tokenizations into your USDC Account made in connection with the tokenization of US Dollars, provided that the wire is denominated in US Dollars. If you wire funds in another currency, Circle’s banking partners may charge you a currency conversion fee and your tokenization will be converted at the then applicable currency conversion rate of Circle’s banking partners.  You may also incur fees from your own bank.*

Bank Wire - Rejected Tokenization

No fees

Circle does not charge a fee if your bank wire is rejected and needs to be returned. Possible reasons for rejection include missing or misspelled reference numbers or attempting to deposit an amount in excess of your deposit limit.

Bank Wire - Redeem

No fees.

Circle and its banking partners do not charge fees for redeeming USDC for US Dollars and wiring funds to your bank account. You may incur fees from your own bank when receiving funds. A minimum of $100 is required to redeem via bank wire.

Payouts API

Fees may apply.

Circle will deduct any fees the recipient bank charges from the USDC amount that settles back in your account. Please note that this is for reversed wires. 

USDC/EUROC Transfer (Inbound)

No fees.

Circle does not charge fees in connection with receiving USDC/EUROC into your Circle Account. You may incur fees imposed by either/both of the platforms from which you are sending USDC/EUROC and the network.

USDC/EUROC Transfer (Outbound)

Applicable transaction (gas) fees on the network.

In connection with sending USDC/EUROC from your Circle Account to external USDC/EUROC addresses, Circle will charge you a fee to cover the transaction costs of the network. This fee will vary based on the current status of the network and Circle will charge the actual network fee incurred.


No fees.

Circle does not currently charge any custody fees in connection with holding USDC/EUROC in your Circle Account; provided that Circle shall retain any interest or return that may result from holding funds in the Segregated Accounts.

*For these reasons, you should always denominate your wire transfer in US Dollars so that you know exactly how much USDC/EUROC you will receive in respect of a given tokenization.