Know-your-customer and identity verification

As a regulated financial services company, we are required to identify our customers, ensure compliance with applicable laws, and to keep our platform safe for customer use. Circle will need to verify your identity to ensure we remain in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

All of the information we collect is encrypted and securely stored.

We require institutions who wish to tokenize fiat currency into USDC or redeem USDC for fiat currency to register and undergo KYC through our rigorous application. Customers will be prompted to start the Circle Account registration process, which has two stages:

Stage 1: Basic

Where Circle gathers basic information about you and the institution you represent

    • Business information
    • Business address
    • Representative information
    • Expected activity

Stage 2: Advanced

Where Circle needs further information on your organization’s management and oversight

      • Incorporation information
      • Financial supervision
      • Ownership and directors
      • Trading representatives
      • Banking and settlement details
      • Institution and identity document request

Once you have submitted the required information it will be reviewed by our team, who may reach out with further questions. This review process should take 3-4 business days.

Once complete, a USDC representative will get in touch. If your account has been approved, it will be activated, with Institutional Tokenization and Redemption limits. More information on limits is available here.