FAQs of transferring USDC into your account

Are there any fees for transferring in USDC?

Circle charges no fees for inbound token transfers. You will have to pay network transaction (gas) fees on the sender side.

Are there any limits on transfers into your account?

Any transfers of less than 0.01 USDC will not be credited to your account, and all transfers that go beyond two decimal places will be rounded down (e.g., 1.009999 will credit your account with 1.00 USDC). There is no upper limit on USDC transfers into your account. 

How can I see the status of my transfer?

Once we detect a transfer into your account on the blockchain network, the transfer should show up in your activity history with its status.

If you click the transaction, you can see further details, including a link to the transaction on a blockchain explorer. The transaction is identified as “Complete” once we have the required number of network confirmations.

What happens if I transfer a non-USDC token to my deposit address?

Please do not transfer any non-USDC tokens to your USDC deposit address. We will be unable to recover those tokens, and they may be lost forever.