How to link your bank account | USDC

  1. Sign in

    Access the Circle Account Sign-in page in your browser. Insert your Circle credentials, your email address and password.




    You will then be prompted to verify your login through a Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) method right after clicking the blue “Sign in” button. We recommend downloading the Google Authenticator or Okta application if you do not already have this on your phone. You can choose which MFA method you prefer via the dropdown menu next to the MFA icon right up top.


  2. Transferring money in

    Upon login, navigate to the Fund Account button on the Home page and select “Wire Transfer,” and then “Continue.”


  3. Bank Account Information

    Follow the steps below to add your bank account information: 


    1. of 4: Choose the country where your bank is domiciled.



    2. of 4: Choose the Bank type: Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, Other U.S. Bank.



    3. of 4: Insert a Bank “nickname,” the routing number (wires) and account number. For Signature accounts,  you will only be prompted to put in your Signet wallet address. For Silvergate accounts, you will only be prompted to put in your account number. 



    4. of 4: This is only for accounts under the "Other U.S. Bank" option. If you are linking a Signature or Silvergate account, skip to the last step.

      Insert the bank account holder’s name (this should be the business entity name) and address as shown on your bank statement. The details inserted here must match the details on your bank statement exactly; otherwise, wires for this account will get rejected.



  4. Authorize Bank Link through Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

    You will be prompted to enter your MFA code to authorize the new bank addition. Insert the code that appears on your chosen MFA method, Google Authenticator in this case. Once the code is inserted, your bank account will be linked to your Circle Account.



You have successfully linked your bank account and can now initiate transfers.

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