How to transfer USDC on-chain

If you have a USDC balance, you can transfer all or some of that USDC to an external address on a compatible blockchain


  1. Select “Send” on the Home screen.

  2. Select the blockchain that the external address operates on.

  3. Select the address you want to withdraw to from the dropdown. If necessary, add and verify the address you want to withdraw to by following the instructions below.

  4. Select the amount you wish to send. The amount sent to the withdrawal address will be the amount you specify, minus any transaction (gas) fees. This amount will be indicated in the “Total Transferred” field at the bottom of the page.

  5. Review the transfer information and confirm.

  6. Verify the transaction via your 2FA mechanism.

  7. The amount will then be debited from your account, and the transaction should now be visible in your Recent Activity on the home screen.

Adding a withdrawal address

To secure your tokens, you are only able to transfer USDC to addresses that you have “added” to your USDC account.

You will be prompted to add an address if you go to “Send” and have no verified withdrawal addresses added to your account. This option is also available under “Account” >> “Address book”.

  1. Select the blockchain.

  2. Add a nickname for your withdrawal address (this will help you identify it in the future).

  3. Paste the address, and continue.

  4. Enter your two-factor code.

  5. The address should now be available in the "Destination Wallet" dropdown on the “Send” screen.

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