Transfer USDC into your Circle Account

If you hold USDC in an external wallet, you can deposit it in your Circle account.

  1. Select Deposit from the home screen and then Blockchain WalletScreen_Shot_2022-11-03_at_5.03.01_PM.png

  2. Select the blockchain that your external wallet operates on.

  3. This will display your USDC deposit address as a string and a QR code (for mobile wallets).

  4. Initiate a transaction from your external wallet to that address. Please note that transfers of less than 0.01 USDC will not be credited to your account.

  5. Once we detect the incoming USDC transaction on the network, it will show in your Transaction History as a pending transaction.

  6. After the required number of network confirmations, the transaction will be completed and your balance will be credited with the USDC.