USDC Deposit FAQs

Are there any minimum deposit amounts for USD?

There is no minimum deposit amount for USD.

Are there any fees for depositing USD?

Circle charges no fees for deposits. Your bank might charge you wire transfer and foreign exchange (FX) fees. For more details on fees, please see our fee schedule.

When can I deposit USD?

Wire transfers are processed from Monday to Friday (more timing details below), excluding holidays observed by the Federal Reserve System. Transfers initiated using Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) and Signet are processed 24/7.

How long will my deposit take?

We cannot initiate our process until we receive your wire transfer in our bank account. Your wire transfer will be subject to your bank’s wire transfer timelines. Our bank accepts wire transfers between 9 am and 5.30 pm EDT on business days.

Once we receive the USD in our bank account, we will first verify the wire information against your provided information and ensure that the deposit amount is not above your weekly limit.

The transaction will then be subject to review by our Risk and Compliance team. This review process can take between 30 minutes and two business days. 

I cannot add a memo or reference with my reference number. What can I do?

If you cannot add a memo or reference to your wire transfer, we will not be able to process your transfer, and the wire will be returned to your account, with our “rejected wire fee” deducted.

My bank does not recognize the Silvergate SWIFT code for international USD transfers.

Please get in touch with your bank as their SWIFT database may not be up-to-date.

I made a typo in my reference number. What will happen?

If you made a typo in the reference number you sent along with your wire transfer, we would not be able to process your transfer, and the wire will be returned to your account, with our “rejected wire fee” deducted. You will need to re-initiate the wire and correctly include the Circle Reference ID.

The name and address on my bank account are not the same as on my Circle Account. What will happen?

When we receive an incoming bank transfer, the originating bank sends us the bank account holder's name and address information. We check for name and address matching on every incoming bank transfer. If there is a mismatch, our team will review the transfer, which may introduce a delay in your deposit. If our team determines that the names and/or addresses do not match, the wire will be returned to your bank account, with our “rejected wire fee” deducted.

If you believe that your account may be held up in this fashion and have additional information to provide, please contact support.

What happens if I go above my deposit limit?

Your funds will be returned to your account if your wire transfer takes you above your weekly limit, with our “rejected wire fee” deducted. Please go here for more information about requesting an increase to your limits.

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