What documents are required to apply for a Circle Account?

When applying for a Circle Account, we will request specific documentation from you. Below is a list of suggested documentation to have prepared when applying for a Circle Account. 

General documentation:

  • Government ID (e.g. Passport, Identity Card, Driver's License)
    • Government-issued ID for individuals from your company (e.g. beneficial owners, directors, etc).
  • Tax ID/Registration Number
    • This is an identifying number about your company used for tax purposes. We require you to provide your EIN for companies based in the US.
  • An organizational chart or capitalization table that shows any shareholders in your company, if applicable. 
  • Proof of physical address
    • Every company will be required to provide its physical address. This is the primary address where the business operates. Unfortunately, we cannot accept PO boxes, registered agents, mail forwarding or virtual office addresses. 
  • Organizational documents
    • We will need documents that were used to incorporate or form your business. For customers in the US, we recommend your Articles of Incorporation or equivalent. 

Some institutions will be required to provide additional documentation. Below is a list of these additional requirements.

Financial institutions: 

  • Licenses held for regions you operate in e.g. money transmitter license
  • Registrations with regulators in regions you operate in e.g. FinCEN, AUSTRAC, FCA, etc
  • Anti-money Laundering (AML) Policy


  • The fund’s prospectus 
  • Private placement memorandum

Asset managers:

  • Investment policy statement