What qualifies as acceptable documentation for your business address?

To complete an application for Circle’s products, every company must provide its physical address. This physical address should be your company’s primary place of business and tell us where your company operates from. 

For most companies, this is the same as your company’s headquarters. Note, if your company operates from a co-working space, please provide the address of the co-working space and your lease agreement (has to be from the past 12 months).

Please note that we currently cannot support businesses located in New York, Alaska, Minnesota and Hawaii.

As a rule of thumb, the physical address should be the one that appears on your company’s bank account statement or utility bill.

You will be required to upload documents such as a bank statement or utility bill to show proof of address. Please make sure the address on these documents matches what you list as your company’s physical address and is dated within the last 90 days.

Please ensure that the physical business address is NOT any of the following:

  1. PO box
  2. Mail forwarding or virtual office
  3. Registered agent  

If your company has no physical office, you may use the address of the authorized representative or director. We can accept a residential address in the form of a lease agreement, utility bill or bank statement, which must be issued in the name of the authorized representative and must be dated within the last 90 days. If your address is virtual or if you are working with a leasing agent, please submit a form of the above document and a customer attestation.