Set up automated API billing

To set up your API billing, you'll need to log into your Circle Account, navigate to Settings, and select Billing from the sidebar menu. In the Billing section, you'll have three options, Invoices, Payment Methods, and Automated Payments.


The Invoice tab is where you can see all of your invoices for the use of the API product.

The Payment Methods tab is where you'll store your different payment methods for paying your bill. The default method on your account will be your main Circle Account wallet. You can change this at any time.

The Automated Payments tab is where you can enroll for automated payments for your invoices, and the payment will be debited directly from your default payment method. This can be changed on the Payments method tab. Payments will be automatically processed on the first day of the month. 

To set up automated billing, navigate to the Automated Payments tab. There will be a toggle for you to turn automated payments on or off. Once you click the toggle to turn on automated payments, you will be prompted to confirm this decision. Once confirmed, the default payment method you set in the Payment Methods tab will be the payment source debited when your invoice is due.




Additional Resources

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