How to deposit USD

To convert fiat currency (USD) into USDC, you need to wire USD to our bank account. Once we have reviewed and approved this transaction, ensuring that it's within your weekly deposit limit, we will mint the corresponding USDC tokens and credit them to your account. Once we have approved your deposit, you will also be able to withdraw USD to this bank account.

Please note the importance of including your Circle Reference ID  in your bank transfer in the reference/memo section of the wire details. Without it, we will not process your transaction and will return your funds (minus rejected wire fees).


  1. Select “Deposit” followed by “Wire Transfer” on the home screen.


  2. Select the bank account you want to deposit from. If you haven’t already linked a bank account, first link a bank account and return to this step.


  3. Ensure that the amount you wish to deposit is within the displayed weekly deposit limit in the Limits section on the left-hand menu and continue.


  4. Confirm the details of the bank you’re depositing from and continue.


  5. Note the beneficiary bank details carefully, including the “Reference ID for memo” to identify your transfer. This is specific to your selected bank account and must be attached as a memo/reference.


  6. Initiate the transfer from your bank with the wire instructions detailed in the previous step.


  7. Once again, please note the importance of including your Circle Reference ID in your bank transfer. Without it we will not process your transaction, funds will be returned to sender, and our wire rejection fee will be applied. 


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