USD withdrawals FAQs

Are there any fees for withdrawing USD to my bank?

Circle's fees are minimal and outlined here.

You may be charged an incoming wire fee by your bank, please contact them for details. If the amount you are wiring is less than the fee your bank charges, your account may not be credited.

Is there any minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount at the moment is 100 USD.

When can I withdraw USDC?

Withdrawals are available from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays observed by the Federal Reserve System.

I submitted my withdrawal request, but it is still pending. What can I do?

Please contact support for further information.

My withdrawal is marked complete, but I have not received the funds in my bank account. What can I do?

Wire transfers initiated due to withdrawal are subject to standard wire processing time, which can take 1-3 business days. If that time has passed and you still do not see the funds in your account, please contact support.

My bank account is not a USD account. What will the FX (Foreign Exchange) rate be?

Our bank accounts only receive or initiate transfers in USD, so we will not assess any FX rate or FX charges. Therefore, your transfer will be subject to the FX rate applied by your bank's network, and you may incur additional FX processing fees. Please contact your bank for further information.

I would like to withdraw above my limit. What can I do?

Please read more for further information on requesting an account limit increase