Contacting Circle's Customer Care Team

Once your business has successfully opened a Circle Account, you may need additional assistance from time to time. In order to support you, we have a suite of new resources, including access to a dedicated Customer Care team. 

Where can I find developer documentation about Circle's APIs?

All the reference materials (including sample code) can be found at

How can I find out if there is an ongoing issue with Circle Services?

The Circle Status site provided real-time updates on ongoing issues. Additionally, we recommend subscribing to notifications on the status site so you’re informed as soon as there is a change in the availability of a service. 

What is the typical response time for Customer Care?

The team will aim to respond within one day. However, we recommend that you indicate the severity of your question to us when contacting Customer Care.

Is Customer Care available 24/7?


What types of assistance are available to me as a Business?

Alongside Customer Care you will have access to our Customer Success Managers and Solutions Engineering team, where appropriate, when contacting us. 

How do I contact Circle Customer Care?

Send your question via email to  

We appreciate your business and will provide more updates as we roll out additional services to support you.