Circle Yield FAQs

Is there an allocation minimum?

The minimum allocation for Circle Yield is 100,000 USDC.

What are the requirements for Circle Yield?

Your business must be an eligible business located in these jurisdictions*.

Who is eligible for Circle Yield? 

To see who is eligible for Circle Yield, please review this article HERE.

Is interest paid out in USDC?

Interest payments are paid out monthly and accrued daily. All interest is deposited in your Circle Account as USDC.

Why do interest rates change?

Interest rates change based on market demand for USDC loans. We update our rates on a weekly basis. Once your term is locked, your rates won’t change through the duration of the term.

Will my rate change during the term?

Once you’ve locked your term, your rate won’t change during the duration of the term.

Can I withdraw my funds early?

No, we don’t allow early withdrawal of funds at this time. Currently, our minimum term is 1 month.

What are my risks?

We have taken steps to mitigate the risks you face including counterparty risk, prepayment risk, crypto market risk and operational risks, all of which are inherent in this loan structure. With Circle 

Yield, your loan is fully secured – meaning your principal will be protected by Bitcoin collateral throughout the life of your loan.

You do not have a security interest in any other collateral. There is a possibility that the collateral value in the Bitcoin collateral may decline to a value that would not allow you to fully recover your investment, and, as such, there is a risk of investment loss.

What types of information will Circle need to confirm my eligibility for yield?

Yield is offered to accredited investors only and in select geographies. Circle will need information to validate your accreditation status including business information, tax information and proof of accredited investor status. 

Here is a full list of required information:

Legal Entity Name

PPOB Address

Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Incorporation

Subsidiary Information (if applicable)

EIN or Foreign Tax ID Number

W9 or W-8BEN-E

Accredited investor status: Written Confirmation from a registered broker-dealer, RIA, CPA or licensed attorney

Past 2 years of audited financial statements

If you are a bank or broker-dealer or Registered Investment Advisor:

License/ FDIC Number (input)

List of licenses held, including license numbers

What amount will roll over to the following term when auto-renew is enabled? 

The principal amount from your Circle Yield loan will roll over to your next term. At this time, we are unable to roll both your principal and interest over in auto-renew. 

When will I know the new rate, APY, for my new loan if I have auto-renew enabled? 

Circle Yield rates update every Friday afternoon, eastern time. The new rate for your auto-renewed loan will be the rate published the Friday prior to your auto-renew.

What happens if I forget to turn off auto-renew? 

Your initially funded Circle Yield loan will roll over and your funds will be unavailable to withdraw until the end of the term you currently renewed for. 

Will Circle remind me that my loan is about to auto-renew?

Yes, Circle will send an email notification up to one week prior when the new applicable rates are published.  


*Not currently available in the following U.S. states: Alaska, Minnesota, New York and Hawaii.