Funding a loan

Step 1: Deposit funds

Navigate to Yield from the sidebar within your Circle Account and find Box #3 labeled, Fund. Click the Deposit Funds button to fund your first loan. To fund, you must transfer at least 100,000 USDC from your main wallet to the treasury wallet (outlined below).

Step 2:  Transfer Funds

You will be prompted to transfer funds from your Circle Main wallet to your (new) Treasury wallet. Select Transfer Funds. If you do not have USDC in your Treasury wallet, you will need to transfer from your Main wallet. If you do not have USDC in your Main wallet, you will need to deposit funds from your bank account or transfer funds on-chain to supply your account.

Choose the amount you want to transfer into your Treasury wallet and select Transfer to complete.

Step 3: Choose a Loan to Fund

Choose a 1, 3, 6 or 12-month fixed-term loan and select Fund.