Self-service Express | redemption


Selecting your source blockchain

Step 1: Click “Get Started” 

Step 2: Click “Blockchain to Bank”

Step 3: Choose your source blockchain



Choose your destination bank account

These addresses are already configured via the “Linked Accounts page.

  • Please note that this dropdown does not filter for any currency (e.g., EUR bank accounts) of linked bank accounts, please be sure to double-check that the correct bank account (with the correct intended currency) is selected.
  • It does, however, filter only for verified SEN accounts


Confirm the details and you’re set!

Step 5: Click “Continue” to proceed to the confirmation page.

This will confirm the destination bank account details. A new route will be generated, so the original bank account routes will not be affected. You do not need to specify the blockchain deposit address (only which blockchain), and a new deposit address will be generated for the USDC Express route.


Step 6: If everything looks correct, click “Confirm”



Quick Tips

  • To view that route’s redemption deposit information, via the main Express page, navigate to that route and click “Deposit”. A screen will appear that will show route details - including the blockchain address details to send to.
  • Hovering over the row will also show you the full name of the “FROM” and “TO” accounts.

For existing Express users, what was previously listed under "Instant Settlement Accounts" or "Fiat Accounts" in the Linked Accounts tab, will now be found under the "Express Tab" for any express-related accounts.

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