What does it mean to tokenize Euros and redeem EUROC?

Tokenization is the process by which a real-world asset, such as a Euro, is made available as a crypto-native token. There are three steps to tokenizing Euros into EUROC:

  1. A user sends Euros to an issuer's bank account.
  2. The issuer sends a request to the EUROC smart contract to mint an equivalent amount of EUROC.
  3. The issuer makes the newly-minted EUROC available to the user while holding the Euros they were sent in reserve.

When you redeem EUROC, you essentially initiate the reverse process, exchanging a crypto-native token for the real-world asset it represents. In the case of redeeming EUROC for Euros:

  1. A user with EUROC requests a redemption from a EUROC issuer.
  2. The issuer takes the user’s EUROC and sends a request to the EUROC smart contract to take that EUROC out of circulation.
  3. The issuer sends Euros from its reserves to the user’s bank account (net of any fees).
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