Crypto payments FAQ

With the launch of crypto payments, we will support USDC, BTC, and ETH payments that settle in the source currency or USDC with customized payment intent options. 

Will I be charged any network fees? 

There are no network fees billed to merchants in relation to accepting crypto payments with Circle

Can funds be reversed? 

At this time, they cannot. The merchant must handle reversals and chargebacks.

Can funds be exchanged at a later time after the initial settlement?

No, the exchange must happen when the merchant customizes the payment intent for the time of transaction.

Can crypto payments be leveraged as a part of the Accounts API integration?

No, crypto payments can only be leveraged by integrating the new crypto payments API. Please refer to our developer's documentation HERE to learn how to integrate the new crypto payments API. 

Once an end-user has sent payment from their wallet, what is the typical time it takes to settle?

It depends on the chain. Please see our developer's guide for blockchain confirmations and settlement times.

Can we support multiple payments for one payment intent?

Yes, but this can only be done with crypto payments. Other methods can only support making one-time payments in full.

Will Circle’s crypto payments be offered globally?

Our crypto payments offering that leverages our exchange capability will only be offered in the US and Canada at this time.


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